Jarvis Group

Earlier this year, Mike Peters, CEO of Jarvis Homes, was introduced to Ebony, who suffers from Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T).

A-T is a complex genetic condition which hides in the DNA and isn’t revealed until two carriers of the gene have a child together. The devastating diagnosis means apparently healthy babies become wobbly toddlers and are usually regular wheelchair users before their 10th birthday.

Ebony has a list of activities she would like to complete, one being a skydive. Mike, despite being scared of heights, offered to join her. After sharing Ebony’s story with the company, he recruited 28 colleagues to join him in the charity fundraising event for the A-T Society.

Each member was tasked with raising funds for the event, supported by internal activities such as cake sales across our sites, raising over £700 alone. A charity auction and raffle were held at our annual Staff Meeting, which helped raise another £2,000.

On 28th September 2018, everyone arrived at the North London Skydiving Centre at 8am for the introductory briefing. Over the course of the day, inspired by Ebony’s bravery, everybody took to the skies and jumped with the aid of a qualified instructor. 

Thanks to the generous donations from friends, family, colleagues and clients, over £20,000 has been raised.