Jarvis Group

A proven name, with a new offering.

To build on our recognised strength of private residential development expertise, as well as design and build construction experience, the Group have added a new, more formal approach towards joint-venture development, specifically aimed at the affordable housing sector. A strategic decision to establish a new trading division, Jarvis Partnership Homes, will allow us to identify key opportunities to develop in partnership or as a turn-key offering.

We have appointed an experienced Housing professional, Thomas Cardwell, as Land and Partnerships Director to head this new Jarvis brand, which will be launched in January 2019 and will focus on providing land-led residential schemes, playing our part in trying to help address the UK’s chronic housing shortage within our traditional geographical operating area. We already enjoy a very positive reputation for reliable delivery of high-quality new homes, and this new offering will further strengthen the scope of services that we can provide to our client base.

Thomas has worked for both private and public sector residential developers and will use the experience of both of our Homes and Contracting teams, supported by our supply chain, to deliver well-designed, high quality, attractive residential projects for our affordable housing clients as part of our commitment to place making and creating a lasting legacy for the Group.

Thomas Cardwell

Land & Partnership Director

Jarvis Partnership Homes


About Jarvis Group

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, the Jarvis Group operates throughout the Home Counties, Northern London and Southern Midlands. Our reputation is built on the excellence and professionalism of our employees, who are trained to respond to the changing requirements of legislation, technology and best practice on site.

It is these people who ensure that ‘Jarvis built’ continues to be the same benchmark of quality that it was when Ernest Charles Jarvis founded our company over 100 years ago.  Our commitment to excellence is as strong as ever.