Jarvis Group

Over the past few months, our enterprising Jarvis Future Talent (JFT) team, have been raising funds to help renovate a modular classroom block at St Luke’s Special Education Needs School in Redbourn.

St Luke’s is the only school in Hertfordshire catering for 7-16 year olds; and so, places here are very sought after. Nearly half the pupils come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, with many requiring specialist care and equipment, adding to the financial strain. Most of their budget goes into overheads, leaving a limited amount for maintaining their premises, which accommodates 100 students.

Our team organised numerous events to raise money including:
• After-hours staff games night in our Head Office,
• Cake sales on our construction sites, and
• Dress down days.

Additionally, our staff kindly contributed to the collection, also supported by some of our long-term suppliers including generous donations from Toureen Group and Tucker M&E.

In total, we generated over £2,000, which allowed us to buy all the materials needed. The Jarvis Charitable Trust also kindly donated a cheque for a further £1,000 for the school’s future needs.

On the 6th November, the JFT team were joined by volunteers from Jarvis Contracting to fully redecorate the 2 classrooms and a storage room.
Our retail team donated furniture from our warehouse and built a sheltered outdoor storage area for activity equipment, increasing the access for wheelchair users, and overall this project has created a more dynamic learning space for the children.

We'd like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everybody who contributed in making this project a success.